5 Easy Ways to Add Storage to Your Home Without a Major Renovation

Posted September 27, 2021 | First time home buyers

Hold off buying that new cabinet or doing a major renovation for now - there might be easier and cheaper ways to add storage to your home.

Try as we might to declutter and buy less stuff, there will still come a time in our life as a homeowner that we will need more storage space. We accumulate stuff over time - it’s just a simple fact of life. But buying another plastic bin from your local home supply store might not be the best way to go - and that additional cabinet or storage renovation may still be out of your budget.

Well, it’s time to get creative in solving your storage situation!

Just look around your home and buy a few items so you can hack your way to the extra storage you need!

1. Behind doors

Do you know what’s hiding behind closed doors? Space for more stuff! Doors of existing storage spaces such as cabinets and closets can be further utilized by fastening (or hanging) racks or hooks at the back. Behind each door offers endless possibilities to hide stuff out of plain sight.

  • Spices and ingredients can go behind kitchen cabinets. 
  • Toilet paper and other toiletries can be tucked away behind linen closets or bathroom cabinets
  • Empty backpacks, lunch boxes, raincoats, jackets, and keys can easily be hanged behind your garage door for easy reach before you head out.

But before you pile on the goods, safety first! Check if the door can bear the load of the rack (or hook) and avoid putting heavy stuff that might unhinge the door (or worse, fall on you!)

2. Under furniture

If you have a compact living space, every piece of furniture must work twice as hard for the space it occupies. Case in point: the resurgence of banquettes in dining rooms. More commonly seen in restaurants, banquettes double up as extra storage underneath for storing dinnerware. By rethinking your furniture choices, you can get more bang for your buck with multi-functional pieces:

  • An ottoman for your living room provides extra (and comfy) seating for guests while storing magazines, remote controls, and other knick-knacks.
  • A customized bed can have drawers, shelves, or cabinets underneath, depending on the design.

3. In odd corners

Remember that odd corner or tiny space in your home that you had no idea what to do with when you moved in? Well, now is the time to put it to good use! 

  • Convert a corner of your living room or home office into a mini library for storing books or a display shelf for your treasured artifacts.
  • Transform a window sill into a mini garden by adding small planters or hanging pots
  • Install a pegboard in that blank kitchen wall for hanging kitchen utensils. You can also add shelves for more space.

4. Under the stairs

If you live in a two-storey home, the spot under the stairs provides you with a substantial space for storage  (if you haven’t used it yet). You can maximize the capacity of this area through several means:

  • Shoe cabinet
  • Walk-in pantry 
  • Bookshelves
  • TV console or entertainment nook
  • Home office

5. Create a DIY loft bed

Do you have an old bunk bed that’s just eating up precious space in your bedroom?  Why not convert it into a loft bed? This space-saving design lets you sleep on the bunk bed on top while having extra room below to use, such as:

  • Walk-in closet
  • Home office
  • Library with reading nook
  • Play area 

Make the necessary adjustments to ensure your loft bed is still sturdy and stable before you convert the bottom area to the space of your liking.

It starts with the right space

Even with a compact home, you can surely maximize your living space so you (and your stuff) can fit comfortably. 

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