How To Avoid Bad Luck at Home during Ghost Month

Posted July 28, 2022 | First time home buyers

Homeowners, did you know that Ghost Month starts today? Set between July 29 until August 26 this 2022, Ghost Month is that time of the year when “hungry ghosts” are believed to roam freely after a portal of hell has been opened. That’s why starting a new business, traveling long distances, or getting married are generally avoided during this time. Whether or not you subscribe to this ideology, it doesn’t hurt to take extra precautions and avoid bad luck at home during Ghost Month.

1. Avoid home renovations

Do you have plans for that kitchen extension or second floor? This might not be the best time to start renovations as it might attract accidents or mishaps during this volatile time. Unless it’s an urgent repair that needs to be done to your home, it’s advised to wait until Ghost Month is over before starting on a home project.

2. Keep furniture layout as is

Because of the chance for accidents, it’s also advised not to be moving heavy objects around, including bulky furniture. So now might not be the best time to re-arrange your room layout even if you already feel bored with your current setup. Save the redesign of your room for next month when it’s safer to do so.

3. Check your lightbulbs

It is said that hungry ghosts love to lurk in dark places, so having dark spots around your house might be misconstrued as an invitation for them to hang around. Check your light bulbs to make sure they’re working and replace busted ones right away. You can also consider adding additional light sources such as floor lamps and pendant lights in dark corners of your home to ward off these uninvited guests. And make sure your house façade is well-lit, too.

Aside from following these tips during Ghost Month, another way you can protect your home from evil spirits is to have it blessed by a priest or minister and maintaining a healthy spiritual life to prevent evil spirits from entering your home.  

Your home is your family’s sanctuary – so make sure it is well-kept and protected from the elements – whether they’re supernatural or otherwise.  But a safe home starts from its development and construction – that’s why choosing the right developer is important. And if you’re still on the hunt for that dream starter home to call your own, you’re in luck!

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