Live Extra Tip: 3 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Daily Expenses

Posted August 05, 2022 | First time home buyers

Let’s admit - it’s harder to budget our hard-earned money these days with the rising price of goods. Some of our daily expenses, when added up, can really make a big dent on our budget, sometimes without us noticing.  That’s why it’s always wise to cut down on expenses wherever we can. Here are some of our top tips to help you tighten your belt and ensure you’re not spending more than what is necessary these days.

1. Brew your own coffee

While grabbing your daily dose of caffeine from your favorite coffee shop might have become a daily habit, it’s one that‘s probably costing you more than it should. The alternative? Why not just brew your own coffee at home and bring it to work in your thermal bottle?  You can easily save thousands every month just by making this simple adjustment to your routine. While it doesn’t hurt to support your favorite coffee shop’s business, why not just buy a cup weekly or on special occasions instead of daily so it’s a win-win for everyone?

2. Prepare your baon

Another item that’s literally eating up a big chunk of your daily budget? Your lunch. Buying or eating out for lunch can be costly, not to mention unhealthy, especially if you always resort to eating at fast food joints. By doing your own meal prep at home, you’re not only saving money, you’re also eating healthier especially if you whip up a balanced meal with veggies and fruits. Plus it also saves you time and energy - instead of going through the trouble of going out and deciding where to eat, eating your baon for lunch is faster and easier.

3. Carpool

With rising gas prices, driving to work is getting more expensive. And while commuting to work may be cheaper, it’s not always the best alternative in our case in the Philippines. So why not carpool? If you have a car, you can post your schedule and route in carpooling groups in your community or city and you can just charge each passenger a flat rate per way. This helps you recoup your gas budget, reduce your carbon footprint, and even let you meet new friends. 

While inflation can be a bummer, it’s also a good reminder to everyone to be more discerning in our spending habits and lifestyles. But even with limited resources, we can get creative in ways to still live extra for less.

That same philosophy applies to choosing your home. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still live in a quality home that you can proudly call your home - if you know what to look for. 

PlusHomes Communities Inc. offers beyond basic starter homes that strike the perfect balance between quality, functionality, and affordability. Through its exclusive partnership with Megawide Corporation, PlusHomes is building affordable homes using the latest construction technology, smart designs, and a deep understanding of Filipino lifestyle idiosyncrasies. More than just any affordable home for sale, each PlusHome delivers each homeowner the lifestyle they truly deserve. 

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