LIVE EXTRA TIP: 3 Easy Hacks To Organize Your Kid’s Stuff

Posted June 17, 2022 | First time home buyers

Does your house feel more like a daycare or nursery than an actual home because of your kid’s stuff taking over every nook and cranny? Your child will definitely take up a lot of space in your home - from their toys, school stuff, clothes, books, among others. But you can still keep your living space neat and organized with a few easy hacks we discovered - so you never have to step on another Lego brick in your home.

1. Set up a play station

We don’t mean that popular gaming console. Creating an area in your living room or common room where your kids can play will prevent them from running all over the house with their toys and other stuff. Define their play station with a rug, foam mat, or puzzle mat which adds an extra layer of safety when they play. Next, set up a toy organizer where toys can be stored. If your kids are old enough, you can also tell them to pack away their toys at the end of the day.

Add a kids’ table and chair so your little ones can read, draw, color, and play board games. Make a mini library using a small cabinet or shelves. You may also decorate this corner with wall murals or colorful decals to make the space more fun and interesting.

2. Create a backpack station

Mornings are easily the most hectic time inside the home, especially if you have school-age kids that need to get ready. Skip the part where you scamper to find their things every morning by setting up a backpack station in your foyer or hallway. Install hooks where you can hang their backpacks, lunch boxes, umbrellas, and raincoats. You may also use the extra wall space above for a school calendar and corkboard where you can plot their schedule, save reminders, and leave notes. Think of it as a one-stop corner so your kids can have everything ready before they head out the door. 

3. Arrange a snack station

Kids never seem to run out of energy - and are always hungry for snacks. Make feeding them easier and more convenient by setting up a snack station in your kitchen. Organize their snacks by category using separate bins or airtight containers and label them properly so they’re much easier to find. Make sure to follow the first in, first out principle so your snacks stay fresh and don’t expire. You can also post a meal schedule so it’s easier to pack their lunchboxes in the morning. This also makes it easier to replenish your stocks on your next trip to the grocery when you can see which items have run out.

Creating a happy and healthy home for your child while keeping it clean and orderly is every homeowner’s dream. That’s why having the right home for your family is a priority. Thankfully, there are now real estate developers who have the Filipino family’s needs and priorities in mind when building starter communities.

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