Live Extra Tip: Top 3 Clever Ways to Install your TV

Posted June 10, 2022 | First time home buyers

What’s more relaxing than watching a movie or series from the comfort of your couch, especially on a rainy day? We love our TV and almost couldn't live without it. And since TVs are a must-have and beloved feature of every home, we might as well make them look good and blend them well into our interiors, right? Here's a few ideas on how you can make your TV fit into the big picture of your home design.

1. Mount on a divider

Do you wish to watch TV from two areas in your home? Install your TV on a rotating divider panel which allows you to switch your TV to favor your current location in your home. This nifty contraption works well in small spaces and doubles your TV vantage point for the price of one.


2. Hide behind a cabinet

If you’re the type of homeowner who wants to keep his space neat and minimal, this next tip is for you! To keep your TV away from plain sight when not in use, get a custom cabinet built around your TV. This not only protects your TV from dust, it also keeps your room aesthetic intact, especially if you have a more traditional or rustic look in your home where the latest LED flat screen might look out of place.


3. Frame it like art

On the flipside, if you’re the type of homeowner who prefers to make the TV as the focal point of their room, the best route is to highlight your screen even more. You can add a frame to the sides of your television as you would for an important piece of art. Some of the latest flat screen models can even display actual paintings when on standby mode so your TV can double up as an artwork in your living room or bedroom.

TVs are an everyday fixture in every modern Filipino home – and there’s more than just one way to integrate it into your home design. There’s also more than one way to look for the best home deals available in the market.  Aside from payment packages and discounts, look for deals that allow you to get the best bang for your buck.

For its latest value-added offering, PlusHomes Communities provides homeowners a unique move in package with their Screen + Green Home Deal. New homebuyers who avail of any PlusHome unit between May 1 to June 30, 2022 will be eligible for a free 42” LED TV plus free simple front yard landscaping – two big ticket items homeowners usually spend on upon. This home deal is available for buyers of Casa Aurora Caloocan, Village East Cainta, and La Grandeza Antipolo.

If you wish to learn more about this special deal, send a private message to the PlusHomes sales team at and just mention Screen + Green Home Deal.

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