Posted March 18, 2022 | First time home buyers

With the stress we face everyday, don’t you wish you could have your own private spa where you can just relax and unwind at the end of the day? And while millionaires who live in their mansions probably have the luxury of having their own spa at home, we too can have a taste of this lifestyle with a few quick additions to our regular bathrooms. 

1. Add Greenery

Do you want to be instantly transported into a lush tropical resort? Easy - just add a little (or a lot of)  greenery! Whether it’s potted plants, hanging plants,succulents, or a eucalyptus garland in your showerhead, bringing in the greens can rejuvenate your bathroom space. These flora not only serve as ornaments to your bathroom space, they also make it cooler and more relaxing since they convert hot and heavy carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen. 

2. Set the Mood

For a spa-like ambiance, you need to set the mood for the ultimate sensory experience. You can achieve this vibe by switching off your ceiling lights and using candles instead. You may also go for tea lights which are also cheap and safer to use. Place them in corners or on top of shelves. Then, infuse the room with a relaxing scent using a reed diffuser, lighted candle or essential oil diffuser - choose one in lavender, eucalyptus, or jasmine. And finally, play some spa music from Spotify using bluetooth speakers.

3. Stock up on Spa Products

What’s a spa without a rejuvenating massage or treatment? You can recreate that pampering me-time experience in your own bathroom with the right products - some of which you can even make your own. Start with an exfoliating body scrub to rub off dead skin cells. Then, you can treat your hair with serum, virgin coconut oil, or aloe vera and let it sit for a while for a DIY hot oil treatment. Finish off your self-care routine with a Korean face mask. Rinse it all off with a hot shower - and feel free to stay in there longer than usual!

Nothing is more relaxing than having a safe, secure and private space to go home to. PlusHomes Communities Inc. offers thoughtfully-designed and masterfully-built homes in up  locations in the country. From single attached house and lots to townhouses, each PlusHome caters to the Filipino’s unique lifestyle - with ample spaces, ready-to-move-in finishings, multiple bedrooms, and standard-fitted bathrooms - which you can easily transform into your personal oasis. Living in a PlusHome is safe, convenient, secure, and most importantly, affordable - so what more can you ask for? 

Choose among our bestselling properties in Antipolo, Cainta, Caloocan - and start living extra this 2022. Visit our official website and discover the affordable home that meets your needs and standards.

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