LIVE EXTRA TIP BLOG: How To Keep Your Home Fresh During The Rainy Season

Posted June 24, 2022 | First time home buyers

It’s the rainy season once again! And while it’s important to prepare our homes on the outside to prevent damage that the rains and storms can cause, it’s also worth taking note how the extra moisture can affect our homes inside - from molds, mildew, and that unpleasant kulob smell. 

Do you want to keep your homes clean and fresh even during the wet season? Read on to learn some of our rainy season home maintenance hacks that might help you.

1. Reduce moisture

Water is the biggest enemy of your home. Why? Because it can weaken your home structure and invite bacteria growth, among other damaging effects. Check your home for possible leaks - look under the sink, in your bathroom, and on the ceiling - and have these fixed right away. Wipe down areas that usually get moist such as kitchen tiles and bathroom walls. Place dehumidifier packs and silica gel inside cabinets, closets, and storage spaces to prevent mold growth. It’s also recommended to invest in a dehumidifier machine to remove the excess moisture inside your home.

2. Take extra care of your linen and carpets

You know that kulob smell when your clothes don’t dry completely from lack of sunlight? Your house’s “clothes” such as carpets, drapes, and heavy beddings may also smell kulob if they are exposed to excess moisture during this time. Better to roll away carpets and area rugs for now and store them in a dry area to prevent exposure and damage, especially from wet or muddy shoes. Wash your curtains and liner regularly in hot water and air dry completely or have them professionally laundered and machine-dried in your local laundry shop. If they will not be used right away, store them in vacuum-sealed plastic so they don’t absorb the damp air while inside the cabinet

3. Get a moisture-absorbing plant

Another simple yet pleasant way to get rid of damp air inside your home is to get a plant! These natural dehumidifiers can clean the air and make your home pretty, too. Keep the moisture at bay with some boston ferns, peace lillies, areca palms, English ivy, or spider plants.

Keeping your home fresh during the wet season is not only for cleanliness and maintenance, but also to keep you and your family healthy and disease-free. At the end of the day, every homeowner longs for a home where their family can feel safe, healthy, and happy!

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