Live Extra Tip: Top 3 Tips for an Earthquake-Ready Home

Posted August 12, 2022 | First time home buyers

Located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is one of the countries most vulnerable to natural disasters – and that includes earthquakes. And with the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked Abra and most parts of Luzon, now is the best time to prepare your home and family.


1. Secure potential hazards

Look around your house for potential risks a.k.a. accidents waiting to happen. Place loose and large display items such as vases closer to the floor. Brace heavy furniture (like cabinets) on walls to prevent them from toppling over. Remove frames, artwork and mirrors above beds and sofas as these might fall and cause injuries during an earthquake.


2. Prepare a survival kit

 You can never be too prepared when it comes to disaster resilience. You will never know when a survival kit for your family might come in handy – during an earthquake or other disaster – so it’s best to prepare one just in case. It’s important to pack water, non-perishable food, flashlights, extra batteries, extra cellphone, important documents, first aid kits and maintenance medicines that will last for a few days in your survival kit. Check out the full list of suggested items to pack here.


3. Make an emergency evacuation plan

Knowing what to do before, during, and after an earthquake is equally important and having an emergency plan for your family will help lessen your panic and anxiety once disaster strikes. In your plan, cover the basics like where to duck, cover, and hold at home and setting a common meeting place if ever communication lines get cut and not everyone is together during the quake. Do an earthquake drill with the household so they know what to do to stay safe.

We can never predict when earthquakes happen so the next best thing is to be prepared and vigilant. Every homeowner only wants to keep their family safe and protected so taking these steps for disaster resilience should be a top priority.

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