LIVE EXTRA TIP: 3 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Home

Posted July 14, 2022 | First time home buyers

Real talk, homeowners: We all want to have that modern, minimalist look but the truth is, we have so much stuff inside our homes! If the mess is already stressing you out, then it’s time for you to start decluttering. But you may be wondering: where to begin? Don’t panic, take a deep breath, and just keep reading…

1. Sort your stuff

Sorry to say, but there’s no better way to start organizing your home than getting rid of stuff. Start slow and steady by attacking one corner or section of the house at a time. Segregate items into three piles: In, Out, and Undecided. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: Have I used this in the last year? Do I love this? (Or in the words of Marie Kondo, does it bring me joy?) Don’t spend too much time deciding on one item - that’s the purpose of the Undecided pile. 

2. Assign a proper home 

Once you’ve sorted out your stuff, clean and organize the ones in the In pile. Then, it’s time to figure out where to put them by assigning a proper home. Re-use or buy new containers for your stuff to make sure they fit just right and don’t overspill. Be realistic - don’t try to cram too many stuff into one cabinet or shelf or they might break. Use smaller containers or dividers so they’re more neat and organized inside the larger containers. Arrange them in a way that works for you - place the more commonly used items in a more accessible area while lesser-used items can take up the space in the back. Label each section so other people in your household also know which goes where. And routinely check if the items inside are still in their assigned areas.

3. Purge unused items

Now, let’s move on to your Out pile. There are a bunch of ways you can dispose your stuff - all depending on you! First, you can sell some of these items online or have a garage sale if you have a substantial amount of items to sell. You may also donate these to charitable causes for someone else to benefit from them. The last option is to really throw these away - just make sure you place them in proper trash bags and only take them out when the garbage trucks arrive. Then, review your Undecided pile and figure out if they should be kept, disposed, or stored. 

Keeping your home neat and clutter-free is easy if you just keep these basic decluttering principles to heart. You will realize that having an organized and well-kept home not only allows you to do things and move around easily inside your home but also gives you comfort and peace of mind. As they say, your home is a reflection of your state of mind.

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