LIVE EXTRA TIP: How to Avoid Heat Stroke this Summer

Posted April 01, 2022 | First time home buyers

It’s officially summertime in the Philippines! And while most of us look forward to enjoying our favorite summer activities, we also need to be cautious from getting heat stroke which is a serious disease that can kill or lead to damage to the brain and internal organs. 

While most of these tips are self-explanatory, it wouldn’t hurt to get a timely reminder on these simple steps to avoid heat stroke.

1. Avoid going outside during noon

Summers in a tropical country like the Philippines can be brutal, with temperatures rising as much as 40-50 degrees Celsius in the hottest days of the year. According to PAG-ASA, such temperatures can trigger heat stroke when exposed during long periods - so better to avoid going out during the day and especially at high noon where the sun’s intensity is at its peak. If you do need to go out, protect yourself by applying sunscreen and using a cap, hat, or umbrella.

2. Drink more water and less alcohol and soda

Like a car engine overheating, our bodies too can burn out without enough water. So to prevent your body from “overheating”, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drink up as soon as you wake up to rehydrate your body especially after a hot and humid night of sleep. And if you do strenuous activities like sports, exercise, or manual labor, drink water as often as possible to replace your fluids from sweating. Medical experts also recommend that aside from drinking enough water, you should avoid drinking excessive alcohol, soda, coffee, and tea which can contribute to dehydration.

To check if you’re getting enough water, your urine should be the lightest shade of yellow. Drink water immediately once it turns dark yellow - a telltale sign that you’re already dehydrated.

3. Stay cool indoors

Heat stroke can still hit you even when you’re indoors. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you’re cool and comfortable even inside your home during those hot summer months. Check if your room has enough air circulation through open windows, electric fans, or air conditioners. During the hottest days, you can use a cold compress filled with ice to place on your forehead, neck, armpits and joints to cool off. And take cold showers frequently to feel fresher and cleanse off sweat.

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Stay cool, fresh, and healthy this summer!

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