Posted March 11, 2022 | First time home buyers

When you think about summer, you often imagine heading to the beach or enjoying the outdoors. But sadly it also means another thing - a higher electric bill. With the heat usually comes higher energy consumption for appliances. But for the budget-conscious homeowner, here are some tips so you can spend less on your electric bill - and more for your summer plans.

1. Clean your aircon and fans

Like a well-oiled machine, airconditioners and fans work best when they are clean and dust-free. In a hot and humid country like the Philippines, dust can accumulate in these appliances easily when not properly maintained. A good rule of thumb is to clean your electric fans every week, wash your aircon filters every month, and have your airconditioners jet-cleaned by a professional every 6 months to 1 year. By doing this, your appliances work more efficiently and save you as much as 10% on your electricity bill.

2. Use a power board

Appliances, even when not turned on, can still generate electricity - that’s why it’s always best to unplug them when not in use. But for areas with multiple appliances that you need to unplug - such as your home office or kitchen - you can simplify this task by connecting your devices to a power board. You can save power in just one click - and you can do this easily right after you clock out of work or before going to bed. Just make sure you don’t overload your power board with too many appliances!

3. Switch to LED lightbulbs

Lighting your home can cost you 20-30% of your bill every month. But did you know that switching to LED lighbulbs can save you up to 87% from incandescent bulbs and 50% from compact fluorescent lamps? LED lightbulbs generally last longer so you change them less often - giving you more savings. But ofcourse, don’t forget to turn off your lights when not in use - you can save around 4 Pesos per hour by doing this alone.

If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, getting your money’s worth starts with making a wise investment on your home. Why go for the sub-par option when you can get more for the same price? PlusHomes Communities offers functional, high-quality homes that are value for money. Whether you choose Casa Aurora in Caloocan, Village East in Cainta, or La Grandeza in Antipolo, you can enjoy move-in-ready homes built by its construction partner Megawide Corporation. Each home also features ample space for your family’s needs such as multiple bedrooms, carport/garage, and service areas. Each community is also strategically located near transport hubs, commercial establishments, and weekend getaways for your comfort and convenience.

Check out PlusHomes’ selection of properties at our official website and start living extra this 2022.

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