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Gong Xi Fa Cai! As we usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year, here are some easy and simple tips we can follow to bring more balance and attract more positive energy inside our homes this Year of the Water Tiger:

Clean Dirty Windows

Sunlight inside the home is not only a natural source of light but also of good chi or energy. So dirty windows are a definite no-no in feng shui. Make sure to clean those windows to eliminate bad chi (and dirt!). Some glass cleaner, rags, and old newspapers with water should do the trick.

Add Plants or Fish

Once you’ve cleaned up your windows (and hopefully the rest of the house), now it’s time to add some positive elements into your home. As living organisms, plants or fish can instantly add good chi into your space. And since plants represent the wood element, they also promote productivity and creativity. 

Decorate Using Photos of Water

Do you have a big empty wall that you still haven’t figured out what to do with yet? Why not install some lucky decorative art depicting bodies of water? According to Feng Shui, adding images of water to your home this year will bring good luck as it is the dominant element in the Year of the Water Tiger. Plus, they add a cool and relaxing vibe to your space. 

Whether or not you subscribe to Feng Shui and its ideologies, always remember that keeping your home clean, organized, and vibrant not only makes it nice to look at but more comfortable and pleasant to live in as well. And that’s the best way to kick off a year of prosperity, don’t you think?

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