LIVE EXTRA TIP: Top 3 Practical Spending Tips You Might Have Missed

Posted May 05, 2022 | Investment

Are you counting down the days until your next salary? You’re not alone! With inflation going up, our purchasing power also goes down, making it harder and harder to budget our hard-earned income these days.

We feel you – we can all use some wise spending measures these days to get by.  That’s why we gathered some tips that you might have missed as you tighten your belts. If there’s a will, there’s a way – so let’s exhaust all means available so we can still live extra even on a budget!

1. Use your rewards points

Do you remember those customer loyalty cards that you signed up for? Well, now is the best time to check your points and use them! Some rewards programs offer a points-to-Peso conversion which you can use to either deduct from your next purchase or use to buy other items. Check your balance on your next store visit and ask the cashier if your points can be used to pay or get a discount from your total bill. Some companies also have an online app which you can use to track and redeem your points. Who knows, you might already be eligible for anything between a free coffee to a free flight!

2. Buy local

With the recent surge of gas prices, it’s no wonder everything is also getting more expensive. Shipping goods from one area to another is costly and adding up to the price of basic goods and services. What’s the best alternative? Buy local! Local produce such as veggies and fruits are cheaper and fresher when you buy local from farmer’s markets. You don't only save but you help local farmers by buying directly from them. Supporting local businesses also promotes more jobs and livelihood in your area. So instead of buying imported or commercial products, consider buying from a local business. You get more value for your money while giving small and medium sized enterprises a much-needed boost - it’s a win-win situation for everyone! And don't forget to post your purchases on your social media pages and tag the business to encourage your friends to also buy local.

3. Avoid sachet spending

At first glance, we might think buying in small quantities or “sachet spending” is more economical because we spend less. But for your basic goods and necessities, especially those that you consume or use everyday, you can actually save more when you buy in bulk. Take rice for example. A kilo of rice is around 50 Pesos but a 25 kg sack of rice is only around 1,000! That’s 25% savings or 5 kilos you get for free if you buy one sack instead of per kilo. Those savings really add up when you consider how much you spend on rice every year. Depending on how much your consumption is, buying in bulk can really give your more value for money. Just make sure you don't go overboard by hoarding because you will end up losing more money if you stock up on items that will just expire in storage or end up not using.

Being practical not only lets you save more but enjoy a better quality life for you and your family.  So when buying a home, choose one that’s not only affordable but high-quality as well. Your home is the most expensive investment you will likely make in your lifetime, so it's best to be wise and discerning before you buy one. In your looking around for homes, be careful as not all affordable homes have the same standards. 

PlusHomes Communities understands the demands and desires of the average Filipino homeowner. Believing that every Filipino deserves a quality home, PlusHomes offers functional, high-quality, yet affordable homes in key growth areas in the country. And with Megawide Corporation as its solid partner in home construction, PlusHomes assures that each PlusHome built using innovative construction technologies for a safe and sturdy home.

Are you looking for a home to finally call your own? Take a look around at our properties page and contact our sales team if you have any questions.

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