LIVE EXTRA TIP: 3 Simple tricks to turn your bedroom into a luxe hotel room

Posted April 08, 2022 | First time home buyers

Your bedroom is your sanctuary - a space where you can keep the outside world and all it worries out. So naturally, we want to make our bedrooms as comfortable, relaxing, and stylish as we can. And where else should we look for inspiration than luxury hotels? Hotels are designed for us to relax and hit pause on our hectic lives. So let’s hack the secrets to a comfy and chic hotel experience and apply them to our own bedrooms!


1. Change your beddings

You know that feeling when you wake up at a hotel like you had the best sleep of your life? That’s because hotels invest heavily in their beds to guarantee a good night’s sleep – from memory foams, high thread count sheets, to the softest pillows imaginable. You, too, can get a five-star sleep at home by hacking these hotel tricks. But to stick within your budget, you can opt for a cheaper mattress topper to add another layer to your old mattress. The next time you buy sheets, choose the highest thread count you can afford and look for ones in cotton or silk. And check if your pillows are still fluffy – buy new ones as soon as they thin out.

2. Accessorize your bedside table

As they say, it's all about the details. Hotels offer not only a place to rest your head in for the night but a curated experience that pique the senses and entice guests to keep coming back. For starters, layer your room lighting with some bedside lamps, tea lights or sparkling lights in a bowl. Add some fresh flowers, succulents, or a tray of fresh fruit for some color and texture. Then, decorate with some photos, books, or artifacts for a personal touch. When you add them all together, you can create a designer look for your bedroom that brings your space to life - and turns it Instagram-ready, too!


3. Cater your own room service and minibar

What’s a hotel stay without room service and a mini bar? To replicate your favorite hotel staycation in your bedroom, prepare a selection of snacks that you can easily grab while binge-watching your favorite series or movies. Keep drinks cold in a cooler with ice so you won't need to make trips to the ref. And why not go all out by whipping up your own breakfast in bed? Just combine pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, bread with butter and jam, coffee, tea, and juice, plate them neatly in your best dinnerware and serve them in a breakfast tray! Voila - room service minus the hotel bill.

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