LIVE EXTRA TIP: 3 Stylish Ideas to Dress up Your Dining Room

Posted July 08, 2022 | First time home buyers

If there’s one thing we know about Filipino families, it’s the fact that we love food and eating together. That’s why the dining room plays a central role in all our homes: this is where we come together at the end of the day to share a meal and stories. This is also where we entertain most of our guests with a home-cooked meal and showcase our world-famous hospitality. So the dining room is not just a place for eating but building relationships.

And like any relationship, we all need to spice things up once in a while. The same goes with your dining room decor - it might be time to style it up without breaking the bank. Let’s see how we can improve our dining room spaces with a little design makeover.

1. Switch up your seating

Gone are the days when everything has to match in interior design. If you want to inject a bit of contemporary style and personality in your dining room with one quick step, simply mixing up your seats is the way to go. You may alternate wooden, metal, or upholstered chairs for that cool, shabby chic look. Replacing two to three chairs with a bench is also a new style to consider for a rustic or modern farmhouse vibe. Banquet seating, which is more traditionally seen in restaurants, is also gaining popularity inside homes - you may even maximize the space by adding storage underneath the seats.

2. Dress up your walls

Are you tired of that still-life painting or the giant fork and spoon hanging on your dining room walls? Well, it’s about time you change that! Make things more interesting (and have better conversation starters with guests) by reconsidering your wall decor. Paint it a new color, pick a dramatic wallpaper, bring out your plate collection from your display case and mount them on the walls, create a fun gallery wall, line open shelves with your collectibles, commission a mural… the possibilities are endless.

3. Let there be light

Nothing sets the mood better for a dinner than lighting. Invest in a good chandelier or pendant lights - they now come in different styles, materials, and prices. Extra points if they have a dimmer setting so you can adjust the light according to the mood. You may also consider adding table, wall and floor lamps around the dining area to supplement the main lights and add up to the mood.

Making your dining room more stylish and cozy goes beyond aesthetics - it’s about creating a space where your family and friends will want to spend more time in and build more memories. But it all starts with the most basic foundation: a good quality home that you can proudly call yours. 

PlusHomes Communities Inc. is all about bringing Filipino families together and creating more memories in a quality home that they truly deserve. That’s why it’s focused on developing communities within and outside Metro Manila to cater to the growing demand for quality starter homes. Through its partnership with Megawide Construction Corporation, PlusHomes is building affordable homes that are marked by the following standards: Functional design and layouts for maximum space efficiency; high-quality construction for a home that is built to last, and affordable price points and payment terms. 

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